Santa Cruz Bikes

Launched in 1994, they have constantly strived to create the perfect do it all bike, whether this was the industry trend or not. Founder Rob Roskopp decided he wasn’t to be told what to do and has tried to build bikes that allow riders to go further, faster, and higher, for longer. Santa Cruz have a wide range of performance bikes, made from carbon fiber or aluminium. Santa Cruz want to build the best performance bikes on the market and back this with a lifetime frame and bearing warranty

All of  Santa Cruz current bikes are below. Please click on the image for more information, and to find out what are the staff favourites.

Santa Cruz Hightower CC MX Xo1 Reserve AXS For Sale.JPG

Santa Cruz Hightower AXS Xo1 Reserve –  Large

Santa Crux Megatower Frame for Sale

Santa Cruz Megatower CC Frame – Large *SOLD*


Santa Cruz 5010 C R – Large


Santa Cruz Bronson C S XL *SOLD*


Santa Cruz Bronson CC S – Large


Santa Cruz 5010 R Large *SOLD*


Santa Cruz Bronson CC Frame Large *SOLD*


Santa Cruz Chameleon MX R – Large


Santa Cruz Bronson C S – Large *SOLD*


Santa Cruz Nomad CC – Large


Santa Cruz Nomad CC X01 – Large *SOLD*


Santa Cruz Nomad C R – Large


Santa Cruz Bronson CC Gloss Moss – Large


Santa Cruz Chameleon MX R – Medium *SOLD*