Yeti Bikes

Founded when mountain biking was in its infancy in 1985, producing bikes for the core riders. Yeti has always prided itself on using the knowledge gained from R&D to have their bikes outpace the biggest companies out there. Yeti’s mantra is “hand built race bred”. Their bikes demand a loyal following from the Yeti Tribe, and with good reason. The Colorado based brand constantly prototypes in house to create bikes that are beautiful and functional.

All of Yeti current bikes are below. Please click on the image for more information, and to find out what are the staff favourites.

Yeti SB140 C1 Lunch Ride – Large *SOLD*

*EX DEMO* Yeti SB165 Frame – Large *SOLD*

Yeti SB130 T2 Custom Build – Large

Yeti SB150 T Frame – Large

Coming Soon