Pivot Bikes

Technology has evolved so much in recent times, and Pivot have not been afraid to be at the forefront of this development, in both geometry and manufacturing techniques. Pivot launched in 2007, in this time they have questioned many areas to bring performance gains to the riders of their bikes. Their bikes clearly display a pursuit of perfection. Pivot work with select brands to create the perfect package in their full builds.

The level of commitment is exceptional from Pivot. They have added 3D printing machines in addition to their existing in house CNC capabilities, to help them develop new models and high tolerance hardware. Pivot believe in real life testing and prototypes are circulated within the race teams. Most tooling for manufacturing is made in house, allowing increased development of ideas to test new technology quickly, ensuring the customer always gets a bike at the forefront of the market.

Pivots goal has always been to produce the best performing cycling products in the world. Being one of the best is not good enough, they must be the best in every category. Pivot are confident that whether you purchase a bike based on a review, recommendation or test ride you will experience passion, dedication, engineering and attention to detail that makes Pivot products the best. Pivot bikes; climb better, descend better, corner better and just feel better than any other bike on the market. If you already own a pivot or have test ridden one you will know this. Pivot are customer driven, they love their customers and this shines through with the service and support they offer.

Pivot strive to constantly design, develop and build bikes at the cutting edge of the bike market, which take your cycling experience to a whole new level. Whether you already ride a Pivot or are in the process of becoming a Pivot owner – welcome to the family!