Santa Cruz 5010

Don’t be fooled by the 130mm travel. The 5010 is uniquely playful, turning trails into pump tracks and logs into launches, making it Danny MacAskill’s bike of choice. With intense agility, this laser sharp whip loves to pop and play.

Prepared for all things steep, the short chainstays combined with a low BB make for an easy climb on any technical terrain you throw at it. When it’s time to descend, the bike’s 66.2/66.5-degree head tube angle (adjustable via flip chip) and generous reach/short stem combo equate to precise and bold handling. While some bikes are good at going up, and others down; the 5010 is a bike that is exceptional at going up, down, left, right,triangle, square, up, up, up and away! This short-travel pocket rocket is finished to be fast and nimble yet tough enough to take a beating with whatever you do with it. From dirt to rocky tech, 4X to BMX, this bike doesn’t give a XXXX. 

The upper-link driven shock VPP suspension is configured to be sharp and responsive. A firm beginning stroke makes for a responsive, zippy pedalling and provides support for small bump-jump playfulness, while the progressive curve offers the bottom-out resistance to make it feel like there’s plenty more travel than there actually is!

There’s also more than enough clearance to run just about any size tyre. We spec a variety of rim and tyre combos, including 2.6-inch tires on Reserve 37 rims. This set up feels like the sweet spot between rock crawling traction and sportiness. There’s room to run 2.8-inch tyres if that’s your jam.

While people are busy ‘overbiking’, 5010 owners get straight to the source. It’s the thrasher’s tool.