Santa Cruz Megatower

The Santa Cruz Megatower is the fusion of 29” wheels and the biggest-hitting suspension system. It’s a modern big shredder, bound to be a favorite for die-hard privateer racers as hometown heros, ready to conquer anything in its path.

Based on the Hightower, the next step up in the range now features the lower link-driven VPP suspension derived from the V10, the Megatower is the most capable, confidence-inspiring 29er trail bike in the line-up. The lower-link mounted shock configuration – designed for compatibility with both air and coil shocks – provides a progressive shock rate that has unmatched traction and bottom out resistance, making it ideal for taming the longest descents and rowdiest hits.

The Megatower has neatly hidden adjustability designed and built robust without compromising reliability or durability, for riders looking to tune the ride to maximise performance and inspire confidence wherever you dare to take it. A tidy and concealed flip chip in the lower-link adjusts bottom bracket height and changes progressivity of the rear suspension. A second, in the rear dropouts, allows for a 10mm fore-aft adjustment in chainstay length to dial in the rider’s rearward weight distribution, allowing you to tune between playful agility or serious stability, without the need of aftermarket hardware. 

The Megatower isn’t all fight and fury, it’s smart and savvy too. It has a sharp, 76-degree seat tube angle for winching to the top of the kinds of descents where having a roomier cockpit and a 65-degree head tube angle will come in handy. And you can still carry around a full water bottle inside the frame (even with a piggyback shock), and the frame is well protected with a shock fender, shuttle guard, downtube protector and ribbed chainstay protector.