Santa Cruz V10

At the 2017 World Cup season opener in Lourdes, Loris Vergier, Luca Shaw, and Greg Minnaar qualified 1, 3, and 6 aboard the ‘controversy machine’—a V10 with a new swingarm rolling on 29-inch wheels.

Testing continued throughout the 2018 season, we had the big variables figured out, but fine-tuning the suspension under the Syndicate during World Cup season guaranteed regular, high-level feedback and lots of high-stakes puzzling. The result is the most refined suspension performance available outside of a World Cup circuit.

The combination of 29-inch wheels with 215mm of travel makes a juggernaut of a race bike, but racing isn’t everything. Depending on the type of trails or riding style you’re into, breaking out the biggest artillery might not be ideal for a day to day bike. Rider height also looms large when deciding which wheel size is optimal and a lot of people may opt for 27.5-inch wheels.

No compromises, no shortcuts, no gimmicks. The 27.5 bike comes in Small, Medium, and Large, while the 29 comes in Medium, Large, and XL. Pick your choice according to your size or riding style, and you’ll be receiving every bit of hard work and puzzling but in to the Syndicate’s race bikes. 

The most successful bike in downhill history shows no signs of slowing down.