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Adventures with friends & 🎄ideas

Ho ho ho! Are you guys all ready for the arrival of the big guy in the red suit? We still have presents to buy, wrap and we haven’t got any decorations up. Whoops!

We have been a bit quiet on the newsletter front, we have been so busy on adventures and riding our bikes. We had an amazing weekend at the Golfie and trying to make the most of the grippy slippy conditions Malvern has to offer. 

As usual we also have loads of cool stuff in store for you to buy with your Christmas spends 🥰

Thank you all for a fantastic year, and for the constant support. DW would not exist without you. We wish you all happiness, health (no big crashes please 🙏) and some cool AF adventures for 2024. 

Big love, DW x
What do you think about these? 👀

We thought it would be cool to freshen up some of our garm designs. We know how much you guys love this graphic in sticker form so thought it would be fun to try it on hoodies and tee’s. 

Tell us what you think when you come in store and we might just make them available to buy in 2024!

Add some Christmas flare 💁 🎄 It wouldn’t be Christmas without us forcing something red and green in to your faces would it?!  We still have stock of these limited edition Burgtec green chainrings! In the words of Burgtec “keeps your chain on, enough said”. These are in stock and £49.99.  We also have these super swish red Hope Pro5 hubs in stock. We love a colourful hub upgrade, it adds such an understated flash of colour that your bike definitely deserves. These hubs are designed and made in the UK and they are reliable and timeless. What a combo! This set of hubs can be yours for £315.

Gwarrrn, elf yo’self.
Be cold temperature ready ❄️❄️

When it starts to get super cold the wax particle hardness changes on your chain, reducing lubrication. This lube has a modified congealing point that enables it to lubricate optimally at these temperatures, keeping your chain quiet and clean for longer. Because its dry, build-up does not occur and no grinding paste forms, extending drive train life.

Prolonging the life of your drive train for £13.99? Yes please 👏 
Bob the Builders dream 🔨 
We honestly can’t get over how cool these Topeak toolboxes are! We have both the T16 and T20 in stock. These have a huge number of tools build in to them (16 and 20 respectively, to be exact) and both have an integrated chain tool! We love these because they fit snuggly on to your bike and will fit on to pretty much any frame! These start at £49.99 and are absolutely mint. We only have 2 in of each, so come grab them while they’re fresh! 

Our long time friends of the shop, Dan and Lara came back from Canada for a month and we got to join them and a big crew for some insane riding at the Golfie. 

For anyone who has never been, imagine the longest slog of a climb ever up to the top of a windy moor followed by the longest, best naturally built and mildly terrifying trails ever. It is basically the Mecca of UK natural riding. We had 2 full days up there, and the second day was a dusk til dawn ride – man was it a big day. The last track of the day we rode was called Liver Damage. We rode it in the dark and all thought we were going to die. Would definitely not recommend. 

We finished our big adventure with wraps and coffee at Number 1 Peebles Road (if you know, you know). 

Day 3 was riding jumps at Glen Tress. They have just created a new few jump lines and they were so smooth and poppy. If you head up in that direction you MUST go ride those jumps! 

We had an amazing time, and Robyn and Matt only had one crash each and one little mechanical between them. Such a result. 🥳🥳

Look, we finally got bottle cages.
EURGH. We finally did it. We got bottle cages in for you stubborn stubborn people that won’t use a Fidlok!

These are only £9.99, and don’t look that offensive I suppose 🙄😒
New year, new me babes.

We thought it would be fun to ask the team their resolutions for 2024, let us know yours!

🐻Matt: “to get out on my bike more even when the weather is not favourable  and with people that push me on.”

🐈‍⬛Pete: “to win the euro millions and buy more bikes.”

🦩Rihanne: “whilst my love is no way diminished, I will be moderating my intake of fine pastries” (note: Matt and Pete are still fine with pastries as a form of bribery).

🐙Robyn: “I wanna learn to do a T-bog.”🦋Tilly: “I want to set an Abbey Road budget… 👀
Cheer up, dude. It’s Christmas. 🎄 

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