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Demo evenings & Yeti adventures

Happy Sunday! We hope you have had a wonderful weekend in this very un-Octobery weather. 

Matt and Robyn have been hitting (casing) jumps at Dirt Farm, Rihanne has been shredding in the slop at Caersws and Pete has been holding down the fort. As for the kids, God knows what they have been doing, sometimes it’s best not to ask. 

We have had a lovely steady week in the shop, we have seen some cool new products in and some fresh Patagonia. We have seen our last event for 2023 and are ready for the winter wind down! 

Get out and enjoy this weather while we have it!

Big love, DW x
Forbidden x DW Ride Out
We had such an insane turn out for the Forbidden x DW ride out. You guys absolutely loved the bikes and we had so much fun on the ride! It does our hearts good to see 30 people training it down the local tech 🤯🥰 if you weren’t able to make it, we have our own mini Forbidden demo fleet in store. Come give them a go! 
Are your feet comfy?

It hurts our sole (HA) when we hear how many of you struggle to find a riding shoe that is not only grippy enough and can withstand the elements, but that your little tootsies are comfy in! At DWHQ, Matt, Pete and Robyn absolutely LOVE a Crank Brothers shoe, they are also a firm favourite of our team riders Archie and Rubin. 

STAMP – These flat shoes have a super clever tread pattern to maximise your contact surface with the peddle for ultimate grip. The rubber is designed for optimal grip and durability, and also helps to dampen any vibrations. Super smart! 

MALLET – These are clippy shoes for you brave and committed daredevils. They have a ramped cleat box for super easy front and rear entry (don’t be rude) and they’re super stiff for optimum power transfer. 

We always stock a wide range of sizes and colour ways, come be a Cinderella, your feet deserve it 🦶
Yummy Energy 🔋 🪫 

We have these delicious race candies in store! It can be super difficult to eat when you’re out riding, but these Clif Bloks, honestly taste like sweeties. 

At £2.99 and with a super long expiry date, these are a great shout for shoving in your riding bag to get you out of 💩 if you’re ever stuck somewhere and need some emergency energy! 
Fresh Patagonia Winter Goodies 

Are these hats not the absolute best thing you’ve ever seen?  We adore Patagonia for a number of reasons, the quality is unlike any brand, the fit is always on point and the ethos of the brand is something we truly believe in. If you’re only going to buy a couple of lovely items of clothing this winter, we can’t recommend Patagonia enough!

And check out these insanely cool long sleeve tees that dropped this week. We are in love with the logo on these and reckon they will fly out 🥰😍

Brodeo Beanie – £49.99
Responsibili-tee – £50.00
Matt has been on an adventure 

DW have been a Yeti dealer and demo centre since 2020, so Matt was invited along to the launch of the revised 160e. The bike had been popular choice on previous demo days and was a real favourite of those after the closest to a “normal bike feel whilst descending”. The newly revised 160e benefits from; factory Fox fork & shock, new Shimano ep801 motor (with more torque, more peak power and less noise) and it comes in £1000 cheaper than the previous model 😲. Its has all these upgrades and still maintains the same race proven chassis and six-infinity six bar linkage that Yeti spent so much time in R&D to achieve. 

Here is what Matt thought of the day:

“The day was great, it was hosted in Risca and I got the opportunity to try the 160e, SB140 & SB160 back to back on some of the best trails the UK has to offer, guided by Tim (Fox service centre manager) who was quick! Conditions were great, it had rained a few days before but the sun was out all day. Offering slightly damp conditions but with more than enough grip which allowed a real test of the bikes. The 160e was a bike I’d been excited to try as I had never had to chance to demo one previously, it didn’t disappoint! It made all the climbs and slower sections of trail so fun, then offered insane levels of grip down the steeps tech corners on offer there. It was nice the be on ebike that didn’t feel like it was pushing you on under braking or tight corners, the new motor has a real natural feel to it. I then rode the SB140 round a similar loop just selecting the more friendly climbs, it was really comfortable to be on up the long fireroads, then when pointed down it rewarded positive riding input, it would quite happily potter down whatever you threw at it, but push to your limit and it came alive, popping over root sections and diving into corners, with a slingshot like exit speed. I can see why this has been a popular choice with locals. Then the SB160, I actually rode different trails on this so no back to back comparison, however up the long fire road climbs it climbed almost as efficiently as the 140, but pointed down a trail the bike just begged to be ridden faster, whatever to came into at whatever speed it had you, floating over chunky ground like it was nothing. Over the 3 bikes I clocked over 60km and 5000ft of climbing, it was so enjoyable to do this though and it felt like a real treat to be able to try all this on some of the best trails. The day was then topped off with a beer along with a burger and wings at Tiny Rebel brewery. Fantastic day, thanks to everyone involved!”

Wax on 🧽 Wax off 🧽
Kingud have launched a wax chain lube, and we are more excited about it than we should be! This lube is special, because it uses alcohol, rather than water. This means you get amazing results, added durability and faster drying times. This lube is suitable for all riding conditions and retails at £11.99. 

 Another amazing thing about this company, is that it is rider owned in the UK. Matt, who owns Kingud, prides himself in his eco friendly formula that is produced in the UK (and he’s an all round lovely guy). 

🥳Remember we said we only had these insanely grippy Kryptotal tyres in rears? We have had a big batch of fronts delivered! Come get them while they’re hot, and before the winter slop fest takes hold!
Our favourite riding spots 💚

🐻Matt: “Staunton – hard to pick between inbetweener & new black run. In the perfect conditions it just flows but scares me. 
BPW – AC/DC into Pork Belly into Zut. Ultimate mix!”

🐈‍⬛Pete: “Golfie – everything there is ace.”

🦩Rihanne: “I love Staunton and was also recently shown some awesome tracks in Ross! For bike park laps I love AC/DC into Watts Occuring at BPW and Race track into OG Downhill into Muddys turns at Dyfi.”

🐙Robyn: “The Brecon Gap – this has got to be one of the most beautiful and wholesome rides locally. One huge climb and one long beautiful descent through the mountains. The back in to Brecon to get ice cream. An amazing one to do with a big group.”

🦋Tilly – “I love Turns in the Ferns at Dyfi and Dowies in the FOD has so much fun flowy stuff, and is easy to lap and session.”

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