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Fresh Patagonia, custom builds & podiums

🌦Damn, it’s slippy!☔️ We hope you have all been having fun in the slippy conditions! We have all been crashing on slimey roots and dusty trails feel like a thing of the past! It is so difficult to find the motivation to ride when the weather is like this. 😒

We have had a busy week in the workshop, everyone has either trashed their bikes at Ard Rock, or they need to get their bikes shred ready for a weeks ripping in Morzine.🏔

And we aren’t even jealous… we love being in the UK when the weather is like this… we promise. ☔️🌧

We have had a huge drop of Patagonia (including amazing waterproof jackets and pants, a necessity this week) and some swanky bleed kits have made their way in to the shop, for you home mechanics out there! 

Sending lazy Sunday vibes to you all,

Big love, DW x 
🌱🪵Fresh Patagonia!🌵🌳
We are so unbelievably excited whenever we get a fresh drop of kit in! It always feels like Christmas when it arrives because we totally forget what was on our preorder. 

We are slowly adding  items of Patagonia to our kit bags, and are always so blown away by the quality, fit and how everything washes. Is there anything worse than washing your kit and having the elastic go, or for it to shrink?

Our absolute favourite thing about Patagonia kit, is that it has a lifetime guarantee with free repairs, and anyone that MTB’s (and crashes often) knows this is a blessing!

Some standout pieces from this season include, Cap Cool Trail Shirts for £45, Dirt Craft Pants for £130 🤯 and Dirt Craft Jerseys for £65. 

There aren’t many brands that can provide a full biking fit for £175 and look fresh as heck in the process! Come try some stuff 🌎🌿
Click Here for Patagonia Repairs
All hail the decal king 🤴👑
So we have discovered that our weekend kiddo Owen is INSANELY good at applying custom graphics! We absolutely love when you guys request that we pop a custom Invisiframe graphic on your bikes, it’s such a fun and affordable way to customise your bike! 

We can pretty much get anything printed, from tartan to tie-dye and cow print to crocodile skin. Our personal fave is always a custom Dirt Works graphic. Come speak to us about ideas!  🐮 

Robyn had so much fun on the @the_cycle_sistas urban gravel ride. It is so amazing to see women putting so much effort in to help other women. Making cycling friendly and accessible for everyone. Gwaaarn, give them a follow 🦄🍭💕

Woah, Super Trendy Champion Alert🚨 So good to see Rubin slaying at the local races! Da boi got his Birkenstocks in order and had a clean AF run! 

Now that Poobie has his riding dialled, we NEED to work on the post race outfit 🙃🥲
What’s new?

Matt is SO excited about these Jagwire Elite Bleed Kits! 

(No, really, he won’t shut up about them, don’t ask him about them, he won’t stop). 

This is a complete kit for mineral and dot brakes, and the kit includes: economic syringes, no loss hoses with in-line quarter turn valves, straight and 90 degree clips to keep a hand free whilst keeping syringes oriented upright! This kit also has all the relevant adapters in a tidy lil storage box. 

These get a huge workshop thumbs up from the boys, and are 20% cheaper than the relevant alternatives. 

£94.99 and worth every penny 🔥💸

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