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Houdini 🪄, 🔥🦅 mega build & tuck shop


We hope you are all doing well and have been managing to head out on your bicycles through this week of weird and confusing weather! We can’t believe it’s already mid-July. 

Bikes have been flying out this week, including a new drool worthy staff whip! We still have a really good amount of stock bikes in to suit all budgets, including a Santa Cruz Chameleon coming in at £2079 🤩🤯

The most important news of the week, is that the DW tuck shop is up and running, but currently it’s hard to tell how many snacks are being purchased, and how many snacks are being gobbled by staff 🐽

Hopefully see you out on the trails (or we could all just hang out in the shop inhaling Freddo’s…)

Big love, DW x 
It’s way too hot for a jacket 🥵 🔥☀️

It’s that time of year when it is WAY too hot for a jacket, but Mother Nature keeps trying to get us soggy. Don’t worry, we have you covered!

Patagonia Houdini Jacket – £100 This take-it-anywhere jacket is perfect for the warm weather rain showers we seem to have been experiencing recently! They pack down to in to a tinsy winsy stuff sack and weigh next to nothing. We are never caught without them!
Look at the little Houdini Spider-Man go!

Archie went under the knife againArchie won’t be tap dancing for a while after having several ligaments reconstructed in his knee and some scar tissue removed. Ouchie! Despite this, he is in great spirits and hoping to be back ready for next season 💪 make sure you send him some love on socials! STAFF RIDES  – Robyn’s Pivot Firebird 
Gosh! 🔥 🦅 

We thought that we would have to prise a Juliana Maverick out of Robyn’s cold clammy hands on her death bed… after months of decision making, she has joined Pete on the dark side and has a new Pivot Firebird fresh out of the DW workshop! 

This crazy capable enduro rig is complete with SRAM XO Eagle, Formula brakes and an EXT fork and shock. Is she overbiked for her ability? Yes she is. Does she care? No she does not. 

Have a drool, then come chat to us about custom Pivot builds! We love ‘em!
 We have a tuck shop! 🍭 🍫 🍬
Don’t worry guys, we now have the BEST selection of snacks in store. I mean, energy gels are great and all, but nothing quite beats a Kitkat or some Haribo. You know exactly what we mean! Let us know what other snacks you want to see!

Check out our stock bikes, we have a tonne in store for all budgets. Click here for our in stock availability 💖
So, what other fun stuff do we have?🙃
Meet Tacky!🥋 

We would like to introduce you to our new friend Tacky Chan! We like to think of this tyre as an aggressively-cornering-cousin of our good friend Magic Mary. These are slightly lighter than a Magic Mary on average and are going to make an absolute ripper of a rear tyre. If you’re looking for a new tyre that will handle itself on your local, as well as shredding on a bike park day, Tacky Chan has your back! We have a small selection of the limited number which are currently in the UK, come grab yourself one! 

Burgtec Composite Pedals are back in stock!

These well priced little devils are back in stock. Coming in at £44.99, there isn’t another pedal like it at this price point. Don’t agree? Fight me.
Let’s get saucy, Syndicate style 😈 

We still have a great selection of the Limited Edition Fox Syndicate kit. Come have a butchers 🔥

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