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Lilac Daze 💁‍♀️, Oakley lids and wha the heck, SNOW?!❄️

We are in March! 🌼 

We are all so excited that lighter evenings, warmer weather and daffodils are starting to appear (even though this weekends snow has made us feel like we are in the depths of winter). Spring time is upon us baby and we are all so ready for it. It’s this time of year where you are either super grateful for pushing through the poop weather and riding your bike, or feeling full of regret for being a fair weather rider and you’re now a sweaty mess, chasing your mates up the hill. 🥵🫣

The workshop is picking up and we are busy busy, especially with Peter out of action! Make sure you ask him about his hurty heel when you see him back in the shop in 6 weeks when his cast is off! Rih also has a sore back from doing so much riding, Robyn has managed to separate her shoulder attempting t-bogs and Matt has injured his wrist doing handstands… 🤭🤸

Other than that, we are hanging in there! We hope to see you up soon. Ps. We still have 7 mystery bags left! Come grab one before they disappear forever!

Big love, DW x 
Oakley lids 👷‍♀️
We love how the Oakley DRT helmets fit. They are so comfortable and light, whilst offering a supreme level of protection. These helmets have a super soft foam inner and a solid outer shell, combined with mips for ultimate protection. 

If you haven’t yet updated your lid to one with MIPS, now is the time. MIPS massively reduces the amount of rotation upon impact, which significantly reduces your risk of concussion. This works by moving and rotating the MIPS within your helmet, rather than moving and rotating your head. Clever huh? 

Come in and try your swede in one of these. They fit Oakley glasses and goggles an absolute dream!

Rubin’s race report – 25/02/2024“This is my 2nd race on the Forbidden Dreadnaught and it is yet to fail to perform. The track was corkscrew with a little twist at the bottom with some fresh corners. Was proper good conditions Sunday morning practice and first race runs. My run felt fast and smooth as the bike complements the tracks lumps and bumps just plowing through it. Got a bit sketchy on the last few corners as the shiny roots started to show but managed to hold it together. Second runs was a bit of a play around as it started to pour it down, got muddy, had a slide around and ended up 10 seconds slower than my first run 😂. I was greatful for my Patagonia kit keeping me looking fresh and comfortable despite the changing conditions. Ended with a 2nd place with a time of 1 minute 6 seconds, only 0.4 second off 1st.  Over all a good weekend on the bike in the wet!”

And I would have got away with it too, if it wasn’t for you pedalling kids 🐕

We love how these HT pedals look! Super sleek and at an incredible price point, these are a great alternative to a Burgtec or Hope flat! The composite pedals start at £44.99, which is a crazy competitive, especially as they have replaceable components! Your shins will love them ❤️ 
and on Wednesdays, we wear pink 💅 

We are all fighting about who is getting the new Forbidden Druid in Lilac summer daze first. Isn’t this just the most fabulous colour you’ve ever seen!? This bike is probably the most versatile bike we sell, from local tech to bike park, this bike can handle it all. We are getting some seriously amazing feedback from our customers on these, and all of the team that have ridden one only have good things to say! We can’t wait to see some of the insane custom builds that you guys will do on this colour way. We are imagining full Burgtec silver or toxic Barbie 💁‍♀️ 

Come chat to us about availability and custom builds. You deserve it 💝💝🌸
A lil pop of colour 🎈 

Looking for a lil pop of colour on your bike without breaking the bank? We have these insanely jazzy grips in for £23. Come and grab a fresh set just in time for spring 🌼 

You grow girl 🌺 

Our website is expanding as we add more products. We are so proud of our little website, and Tilly is working so hard to add lots of new products! It is the perfect place to buy things if you want to support our small, local business, but you can’t make it over. It also makes Matts heart burst when he makes an internet sale! 
Make Matt’s heart burst here 

These cute little guys have been busy at the shop, helping to bark at customers and sniffing butts. Who do you think employee of the month should be? 🌟 🌟 🌟

Did you manage to get out in the snow yesterday? We managed to ride the Malvern greatest hits, including dirt box and all the bleachers in this madness. She was a slippy mistress! 

Every one of the crew was rocking a Patagonia Dirt Roamer Storm jacket, and gosh were we grateful for them! Head over to our instagram to see how insanely waterproof these jackets were, despite the insane snowy sog!
How does the sun listen to music? On his ray-dio ☀️ heh heh heh

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