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Meet Rihanne, lights & staff day out! 🚵🏼🎉

Hi buddies! We hope you have had a wonderful week. We have been a bit quieter in the workshop this week, which is giving us a chance to catch up on everything and set up for our event, this coming Thursday. 

Robyn, Rubin, Tilly and Elliot were at the Malvern Classic last weekend, and Rubin managed to bag a couple of podiums, even after breaking his bike. 

We are also so excited to welcome Rihanne to the team. She joined us on Friday and it already seems difficult imagining the shop without her. Come up and introduce yourselves! 

We hope you have a lovely, restful Sunday. 

Big love, DW x
I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but… 🔦
The nights are drawing in, and soon enough we are going to be slipping round in the pitch black. We have a good stock of mountain bike lights, starting at the Hope R2’s for £190 all the way to these beasty exposures at £395. We have a great range in between too ☺️

We also have a nice little selection of Knog commuter lights, which retail at £26.99. 

Come get shiney 💡 

🌲 Have you seen our Patagonia Worn Wear Patch Kits? 🌳 These are so perfect if you get a little tear or rip in your kit! Robyn repaired her nano air jacket with a little turtle the other week and it looks so cute! 

You can use these patches on any of your outdoor kit, to keep your gear living a little bit longer! £19.99 for 4 sheets 😍 go four ways with your besties 👯‍♂️ 👯
⭐️Meet Rihanne⭐️
The lovely Rihanne has joined the DW family! She has previously worked at Bike Park Wales and is pretty handy on a BMX. She is currently riding a swanky Forbidden Dreadnought and her favourite type of riding is bike park tech. 

A few fun facts about Rihanne:

– She once went on Eggheads, and has never watched her own episode 🥚,

– Her favourite animal is a 🐸 ,

– She was once in the same Battle of the Bands as Placebo 🎸. 
Come get social (we know it’s hard, you’ve got this) 🥲

We are super super excited for our Yeti demo evening this coming Thursday! Come join us from 5:30pm for Yeti demo, pizza from Dirty Slice 🍕 and an insane secret sale. 

If you don’t want to demo a Yeti, that’s okay too! Bring your bike and come along for a guided ride, but be warned they can get rowdy! You don’t need a ticket to ride, for pizza or for secret sale. You only need a ticket if you want to demo a Yeti. 

Trust us, you will regret not coming along! Save your pocket money 💵 

We are so excited! See you there 🦞😍
Buy a Yeti demo ticket here
We are offering finance again! 💰 
We have joined up with Duologi to offer retail finance! Come and chat to us about your dream bike 💭 

These BB bearings may look very similar, but the ones removed from the bike are the Hope PF4130 Stainless bearings, these cut the mustard for most people lasting around 2 years. However for those day in day out, no matter what the weather shredders… There’s an awesome new option. The Enduro XD15 bearing range, they use an angular contact construction with deep grove races and grade 3 silicon nitride ceramic balls. BACKED UP WITH AN UNLIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY 😲 Ask us to swap out your bearings for these smooth criminals 😈

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