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New year, new you! 🚵🏼

Hi everyone! We hope that 2024 is treating you well so far! We have totally dropped the ball in the newsletter front, we have all been out living our lives, having adventures and riding bikes. I think that’s a pretty good excuse though right? 

We have a few new little cool things in store and a couple of ex demo bargains flying round! It’s definitely a good time to come in for a sweet little deal. 

The evenings are slowly starting to get lighter and we are so ready for spring to rear its pretty little head! 

Make sure you’re still spinning through the cold weather! You’ll never regret it, we promise! 

Big love, DW x

New year, new bike 🚲 

2023 is over, you are a new you. How can you be a new you if you’re still riding round on your old bike that doesn’t make you stoked 100% of the time? 

What more could you want than this beautiful Yeti SB120? This bike is a short trail ripper and would be the perfect hills bike. (Word on the street is that this has caught Robyn’s eye as her next short travel bike). 

The beauty of the SB120 is that it will crush every descent with agility and speed, whilst climbing like a whippet. This is a definite must ride for those that want to increase their skill level and cram in more descents per ride! 

What I’m really trying to say…is come buy it, click the link below 👇 
Click me to get faster 

Repairs are sexy, didn’t anyone tell you? We’ve always stocked items & bikes that are serviceable. Patagonia opened our eyes to the fact that soft goods need to be serviceable too. We’ve worked with Crank Brothers since the launch of their shoe range and always heavily focussed on the BOA equipped shoes. Matt broke the BOA on these recently after smashing it off a rock (poor rock) but as  Crank Brothers / BOA have a lifetime replacement on these (which we hold in stock) it was a simple switch out for these to live in for another few years!

Mother Earth and your pocket will thank you!

Part-ex bargain alert ‼️ 🚨 

We took in this Juliana Roubion Alloy as a part ex from one of our favourite customers! This bike has had one careful lady owner, and we have fitted brand new brakes, forks and frame bearings. This bike has been fully serviced and looked after by us since day one. 

This bike would suit a rider from 5”1 to 5”5, it has 27.5” wheels and 160mm up front and 150mm in the back. This bike can honestly handle anything, it absolutely rips up and down! 

She can be yours for £1899, which is an absolute bargain! Come have a butchers! Full deets here ️
We have done so much fun riding over the last few weeks. Risca seems to be the hotspot at the minute as it runs so well in the sog! For anyone who has never been, it is a dreamy fire road climb (on the road where they filmed Otis and Eric riding their bikes to school in Sex Education), then long natural trails, with rocks, roots and well built features. Deffo gets a bit hairy in places, but it is such a fun place to go! We managed to get a huge crew out on New Year’s Day; super rowdy! 💨 💨 IBIS are back baby! 🔥 
We’ve not had this brand for almost a year now due to the UK distribution channels changing due to the difficult current market. We are mega stoked to have them back in store with a demo fleet incoming! These bikes use the tried and tested DW link suspension paired with up to date features and geometry. With an aluminium offering too, (which we love), we can get you on an Ibis for under £3000! The new HD6 pictured below is an absolute stonker of a bike, ticking every box for an aggressive enduro bike. You can get your mitts on one of these with a carbon frame, factory fox suspension and eagle gx drivetrain for £5699. The new bikes will be coming in from the end of February 🤩✨Nikwax IN DA HOUSE 🧼
Look, we know that the waterproof jackets and pants that we stock are expensive. That’s why we decided to start stocking Nikwax. These aren’t the funnest products ever, but hang in there, I’ll try and make this as interesting as possible.  

 Breathable waterproofs are likely to get sweaty and wet inside when we are working hard in damp or soggy conditions. If the outer fabric absorbs water, the garment can lose 70% of its breathability, meaning we get sweaty and it gets stuck inside our waterproofs. This can give us the impression of feeling wet from rain, when really we are sweaty and non-breathable! 

Nikwax have a whole range of products to help you get the best from your waterproof gear. We recommend the tech wash and TX direct, or if you’re super lazy you can buy the Nikwax spray on waterproofer! These range from £5.49 – £12.99! Come in and have a chat to us about it! Matt loves nothing more than chatting about treating his waterproofs (I wish I was joking). 

For forks sake! 🍴 Did you guys know that you guys can demo EXT forks with us too!? For £50 we will fit and set up the fork just for you (because we think you are special and you deserve it), we will also reinstall your old fork afterward, don’t panic! We have both 160mm and 170mm variants of the EXT ERA V2 in store, come in and give it a go, your mind will be blown! 

(available for 29” wheels only, sorry 😞)Book your fork demo here

Warning ⚠️ We are so proud that Elliot has passed his driving test! But anyone driving in West Malvern, please watch out. Note: Dirt Works are not responsible for the horrible driving of their employees. New favourite word = ultracrepidarian. We all know one, right?

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