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We’re full of ideas 🎁

It’s Christmas month! How are you all getting on with your Christmas preparation? The 25th will be here in a heartbeat and we are mildly freaking out about it! 

We had our Christmas party this weekend and it was so much fun, there is nothing better than throwing axes and filling your belly with burgers! We hope you all have some fun festive activities planned?

We have popped together our ultimate gift guide to help you out with your Christmas shopping. Come in and see if we can give you some inspo! We are also making Christmas hampers, just give us your budget and we will make something up for you 🥰🎅

Remember to get out on your bike in this cold and soggy weather! It makes summer miles easier, we promise!

Big love, DW x
🎁Our ultimate Christmas gift guide🎁
Look, we know Christmas shopping is boring and everyone hates doing it. Don’t worry, the DW elves have been busy picking their fave Christmas gifts. Starting at £2.99, they are suitable for all budgets and they will definitely bring some Christmas cheer to the lucky biker in your life! 
Get it online here 🎁🎁🎁
DW Christmas Partay 🪓 

We had a ton of fun throwing axes for our Christmas party! Rih was amazing at it, Elliot was worryingly aggressive, Tilly nearly took her head off, Robyn was SO bad at it and Matt was distinctly average.

We followed it up with burgers and ramen, and then we got cookie dough, crepes and romantic chocolate dipping boxes for the two lover boys. It was like watching the lady and the tramp 🍝

Why we didn’t do Black Friday
This bit of the newsletter is serious, sorry 😞 

We decided not to do a newsletter for the last couple of weeks because we knew it would have got lost in all the Black Friday spam! We know that everyone loves a bargain (us included), but we wanted to let you know why we will never support Black Friday. 

When you partake in Black Friday and buy items you wouldn’t buy at full price, you are promoting unnecessary spending and waste, and supporting an unethical and non-sustainable business model. Plus, let’s face it, anything of any real value never goes on 70% off right? 

So come support your local shop, pay a fair price, and feel great knowing you are supporting local people and sticking it to unsustainable business models.
Click here to shop responsibly

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